Orphans, The Hope Foundation

Giving Children Hope

“From rags to riches” is a common phrase. But at The Hope House, everyone is “rich” in love and care. Driving to The Hope House (THH) even the sun’s rays feel welcoming and loving. There were no houses along the road, just an oasis of trees and colorful flowers. The old red building is the only one in…

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Jaipur, Orphans, Vatsalya

This NGO aims for ‘irreversibility’, so that the people they help will never be able to go back to how they lived before

Vatsalya is a highly ambitious NGO, whose work currently focuses around five programs. The flagship and biggest of these is Vatsalya Udayan which is the residential child care program for orphans and abandoned children. As I chatted with co-founder Hitesh Gupta, I couldn’t help but notice the pride he took in his work. Hitesh candidly…

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