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How it began at SAMUHA

by Rohini Vemuganti SAMUHA which means an organized group or society was founded by Mr. Pradeep in the year 1987. Pradeep who was a journalist by profession was an employee at ActionAi,d which is an anti-poverty agency working in Indian rural areas since 1972. SAMUHA then began as an ActionAid project in the year 1987.…

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How it began at Mahila Dakshata Samiti

Mahila Dakshata Society (MDS) was originally established in the state of Andhra Pradesh by Mrs. Suman Krishnakanth. Suman’s spouse, Mr. Krishnakanth was originally a Parliamentarian and later the Governor of Andhra Pradesh. Life as the partner of a public servant gave her valuable insights into the trials and tribulations faced by Indian woman. Deeply concerned…

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