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A stalwart in the lives of lost, battered, and lonely elderly’s journey

“Old people are pressure cookers, ready to burst any moment if pressure is not handled at the right time.” – Himanshu Rath, Founder, Agewell Foundation. Himanshu has a new definition for retirement. “I’m done with earning money for livelihood now. I have saved enough and sometimes I do freelancing. I want to focus on something…

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Delhi NGOs, GiveIndia NGOs, India, Life@GiveIndia, NGO, The Elderly/Aged

How it began at Agewell Foundation

A fifteen minute autorickshaw ride in scorching heat from South Delhi to a two-storied office building in the city’s suburb of Lajpat Nagar seemed worthwhile after I met Himanshu Rath, the founder of Agewell Foundation. Himanshu’s professional journalistic roots were immediately evident in the large piles of books neatly arranged in all corners of his…

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Ahmedabad, India, Recognition Received

Recognition received by Blind People’s Association, India

National Award for Outstanding Performance in the field of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, 2008 Godfrey Philips Silver Bravery Award, 2007 Rotary Ahmedabad Award, 2007 Barrier Free Environment, 2005 National Award for Outstanding Performance in the field of Handicapped Welfare, 1995 International Golden Award for Community Development Services Overseas from the Help the Aged International,…

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