Support Tribal children of Madhya Pradesh
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Tribal children have the least access to food and education

An intervention to break the cycle of malnutrition and illiteracy shows promise LIKE many other tribal children, Sibani Wadaka was born prematurely and weighed only 1.4 kgs at birth. Her mother visited several district hospitals in Odisha to improve the infant’s health and increase her chances of survival. She was even kept under observation at…

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Recognition received by the ISKCON Food Relief Foundation

ISKCON Food Relief Foundation’s Annamrita venture has received several awards for its good work in the last few years. Here’s a list of a few highlight-worthy ones: Lifebuoy National Child Health Award Received in 2009, by Hindustan Lever Ltd., for outstanding contribution in the sphere of child health and nutrution. D.Y. Patil Annual Achiever’s Award Received in…

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Living up to its name, Ashadeep, brings children from darkness to light

by Paula Donoso The Mumbai-based Ashadeep Association is essentially the incredible result of its founder, Dr. Adelheid Hüffer’s initiative, dedication and love. Set up in 1976, the organisation has grown to 7 centres today – from 25 students in 1976 to 600 students today, reaching up to 1,000 including mothers and people who rely on…

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Securing a child’s future in the first 1,000 days of his/her life – from conception itself

Located near the infamous Arthur Road Jail, the Foundation for Mother and Child Health’s (FMCH) main programme is quite a foresight-ful one. The organisation fights malnutrition by making efforts that start right at the beginning: from pregnancy! As they believe that a child’s future can be secured in the first 1,000 days from conception itself.  “If…

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Emergency Blood Donor Bank, Ration Distribution, Birthday Project, Green India and more

by Yashika Sharma Started in 1999 as emergency blood phone help line, Sarthak Prayas now works for four majorcauses —creating the longest chain of emergency blood donors, providing education and human values to children, giving benefits to senior citizens, and greening the environment for future generations. Mission Save Life, which is their dream project, is…

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