Founding Story, Healthcare, Uttar Pradesh

How it began at Abhinav

Despite emotional, social and bureaucratic roadblocks, founder of the NGO Abhinav, Mr. Harendra Singh’s mission to help the community never faded. Here is his story. Harendra Singh always had a passion for reading and writing, which lead to his main profession – journalism. He was curious about current affairs and the issues faced by the…

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Dean Foundation, Healthcare

How it all began at DEAN Foundation

Deepa Muthiyan, the founder of Dean Foundation was born in Renigunta, Andhra Pradesh and grew up in the Nilgiris. It has been said that very strong bonds are formed between grandmothers and granddaughters, both powerful and meaningful. Such was the relationship between Deepa and her grandmother. Her grandmother was a doctor herself who lived and…

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Healthcare, Neptune Foundation

How it all began at Neptune Foundation

THE Neptune Foundation has been built under The Neptune Group, one of India’s leading real-estate companies. Social work has been the Group’s focus – even during its initial stages. As it grew brick by brick, there was a clear vision to give back to the communities they lived in. Quite socially conscious, the company strives to follow…

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Children, Disabled, Education, Healthcare, Pahal Jan Sahyog Vikas Sansthan

This NGO treats slum dwellers in Indore for just Rs. 5

On a Monday morning, I paid a visit to Pahal Jan Sahyog Vikas Sansthan’s medical center in Khajrana, located just a few minutes away from the Khajrana temple, where the initial seeds of the organisation were sown. A small, non-descript entrance lead to 4 hospital-like rooms. These serve as Pahal’s OPD/IPD. In one room vaccinations…

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