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Healthcare bills push 57M Indians into poverty each year

Crowdfund for medical emergencies on GiveIndia HEALTHCARE in India has several challenges which include inadequate access, shortage of skilled medical professionals and an increasing chronic disease population. And the arrival of COVID-19 has tragically highlighted the situation. Our public health expenditure is just 1% of the GDP and is among the lowest in the world…

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Top 6 NGOs working to protect the underprivileged from Coronavirus

With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) being declared a global pandemic, we are taking all precautionary measures to stop the virus from spreading. Along with safeguarding and sanitising our environment, we at GiveIndia have joined hands with our NGO partners who are trying to protect the underprivileged from this deadly flu. Here’s a list of the NGOs who…

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How it began at Abhinav

Despite emotional, social and bureaucratic roadblocks, founder of the NGO Abhinav, Mr. Harendra Singh’s mission to help the community never faded. Here is his story. Harendra Singh always had a passion for reading and writing, which lead to his main profession – journalism. He was curious about current affairs and the issues faced by the…

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