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How it began at Mahila Dakshata Samiti

Mahila Dakshata Society (MDS) was originally established in the state of Andhra Pradesh by Mrs. Suman Krishnakanth. Suman’s spouse, Mr. Krishnakanth was originally a Parliamentarian and later the Governor of Andhra Pradesh. Life as the partner of a public servant gave her valuable insights into the trials and tribulations faced by Indian woman. Deeply concerned…

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This Delhi organisation supports the needs of the physically and mentally-challenged

The first impression of Khushboo reinforces all that the organisation stands for; you are welcomed by a cheerful beneficiary of the institution. When I visited, a smiling Rekha Sachdeva welcomed me and offered me a cup of tea and snacks. Rekha belongs to an underprivileged family and suffered from mental impairment and poor oral and…

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Delhi NGOs, Founding Story, GiveIndia NGOs, Khushbo Welfare Society, NGO

How it began at Khushboo Welfare Society

Sonali Savkoor’s story is one of conviction, perseverance and commitment. Born in a small town in Karnataka and raised in Madhya Pradesh, Sonali grew up with a rather broad-minded view of life. Her marriage, after completing her education in Home Science, gave her further opportunities to travel to various parts of the country and widen…

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How it began at Agewell Foundation

A fifteen minute autorickshaw ride in scorching heat from South Delhi to a two-storied office building in the city’s suburb of Lajpat Nagar seemed worthwhile after I met Himanshu Rath, the founder of Agewell Foundation. Himanshu’s professional journalistic roots were immediately evident in the large piles of books neatly arranged in all corners of his…

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Ashadeep, Assam, Disabled, GiveIndia NGOs, Mentally Disabled, NGO

Founder Mukul has won a Padmashree for his work at Ashadeep

by Rohini Vemuganti Bamunigaon is located around 60 kms from Guwahati. I entered this complex and was greeted by the Centre In-charge (Head nurse) on campus who later took me around the centre. This was Navchetna, a rehabilitation home for homeless women suffering from mental illnesses. Navchetna, which translates to “A new hope”, is a…

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How it began at Paripurnata Half-Way Home

The main force behind Paripunata Half-Way Home is Dr. Joyce Siromoni. A medical graduate (1954) from Christian Medical College, Vellore and D.(Obst.) RCOG from London (1960), Dr. Siromoni has worked in various hospitals in the U.K. and India. She has also been involved in various community health programmes including care of leprosy patients. In 1967…

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Catalysts for Social Action, Founding Story, GiveIndia NGOs, Orphans

How it began at Catalysts For Social Action

Shibani and Vipul Jain are Adoptive parents whose life underwent a sea-change with the adoption of their daughter Saachi. The late Mr. Jinendra Prashad Jain, Vipul’s father was the silent force behind the adoption, convincing Vipul and Shibani that there were other alternatives to biological parenting. The difference that the adoption made to the family…

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Recognition received by Salaam Bombay Foundation

Mukti Foundation – In recognition of outstanding contribution to tobacco control , 2007 Qimpro Gold Standard – Statesman for Quality in Healthcare – 2010 Americares – Spirit of Humanity – Best NGO of the Year 2011 World Health Organisation – In recognition of outstanding contribution to tobacco control, 2011 Office of the Mayor, City of…

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