There is something for everyone in volunteering. Find out a cause close to your heart.

Volunteering: Something For Your Soul

After three nominations in the past, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar for the Best Actor in 2016 for his impeccable performance in ‘The Revenant’. The point to note is that his award acceptance speech was nothing about himself! Spanning a much celebrated career and global fame, DiCaprio chose to speak about global warming instead.…

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Child studying in a poor distant village
Stories of hope

An Indelible Night

It was a wintry night when a tiger invaded Salim’s house and hauled away his younger brother. It was an endless struggle of scars and paws but eventually, the man-eater won. Salim was shrouded with anguish forever.   When I first met Salim… It was part of one my 2017 visits to a primary school…

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