Satya Special School
Children's NGO, NGOs for children

A special digital initiative for children with disabilities

How special needs children can continue their learning during the pandemic THE Coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected children across the globe, especially their education. Schools in India have been closed since the first nationwide lockdown was imposed on March 25 and this has really disrupted their academic calendar. For children with disabilities, totally dependent on…

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Covid-19, GiveIndia NGOs, NGO, NGOs in India

NGOs and their critical role in the COVID-19 crisis

Your support through donations is crucial in this mission NGOs or non-governmental organisations are actively involved in combating various socio-economic issues. They include relief agencies, charities and community organisations, tackle countless challenges related to the environment, education, health, poverty, women empowerment, child protection, social justice, human rights, relief work and much more. Also referred to…

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10 unforgettable tales of lockdown despair

You can help ease the pain by contributing to our Covid relief missions WE have all heard countless stories of the anguish caused by the nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus spread, especially to poor communities.  And migrant labourers and daily wage earners have taken the brunt of it, most abandoned by their employers, evicted…

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