Designing For Compassion

As we build the next generation giving marketplace, we at GiveIndia reaffirm our commitment to data, design-thinking, and most importantly empathy and compassion.

Any person who has ever contributed to a social cause, knows the feeling of optimism that follows. It is so strong that it makes us better individuals in the process. Giving at its most fundamental is as much about enabling change as it is about personal transformation. Capturing this universal altruistic trait in a product is definitely one of the hardest design challenges. Capturing it in an MVP( Minimum Viable Product ) is harder still.

Our conviction is simple. Technology and design thinking are the best tools to deliver the joy of giving at scale. A related challenge, that we continue to address, is the trust-deficit in the social sector. Joy of giving is inextricably linked to the assurance that whatever you give is being put to good use.

GiveIndia has been a pioneer in the field of giving. Today, we have adopted technology and design thinking to build the best giving marketplace in the world. Our MVP for the same has been a success. It incorporates multiple core features that ensure donor delight. It builds an ecosystem of trust with our GiveAssured promise. Our design philosophy is simple. Focus on the core elements that our donors are looking for and use each such element to deliver donor delight.

Our donors want to understand the benefits their giving provides. They want to know about the stories of change that these programs create. They want to be sure that a non-profit is trustworthy. Our product design encapsulates all such features in a simple and clean interface. We enable people to learn more about causes they care for and commit to them while ensuring that we maintain a clean design that conveys the primary message to our donors.

Our vision is to create an ecosystem of trust and relevance where giving becomes seamless. Giving should aptly reflect one’s urge to make a difference at any given point. As we progress from an MVP to a full-fledged giving marketplace, our platform continues to reflect this vision. Our GiveAssured promise will leverage cutting-edge technologies like blockchain which will allow efficient tracking of fund utilization. Feedback from our donors will create a marketplace of service excellence. AI will enable the most relevant recommendations and help us ensure seamless and effective giving.

As we scale, we will create more tokens that a giver can associate with their giving journey. A giving certificate (the top image), for example, is a way to inspire one’s friends and family to give. But more importantly, it is a memento of one’s commitment for change and which our donors are immensely proud of. It enables one to further reaffirm their optimism and compassion.

A giving world will also be a responsible one. We are committed to our mission to enable engaged donors to give effectively and efficiently. We are informed by data and driven by compassion and empathy. Optimism is at the core of all our actions. Our vision is grand and our goals are as ambitious. As we march along this path, change is inevitable. For us in the team, we have already been transformed, perhaps irreversibly so. Empathy is the fundamental ingredient of all our product offerings. Isn’t that what product management is all about!

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