Introducing a New Era of Giving

Change is the end result of all true learning.” – Leo Buscaglia

GiveIndia has been on a mission to create a giving culture in India for the last 18 years. Through our journey, we have worked on innovative ideas such as the first online giving platform, the first of its kind crowdfunding platform for non-profits, and a truly secure ecosystem for NGO fundraising.

As we continue on this journey stronger than ever, we embark on our next big innovation. We are proud to announce our brand new platform built with the latest technology stack. We have updated the entire platform to a design and focus that is truly reflective of our core mission.

GiveIndia has been on a journey of transformation over the last one year to become a core product and tech company. To this end, we launched the monthly subscription product as a new flagship program. Our aim was simple: to create a giving platform that makes committed giving mainstream.

Why Monthly Giving?

Our goal was to help committed givers have an easy, transparent, and accountable way to support the causes they cared about on a long-term basis.

While one-time giving is amazing for impulse or event-based giving, to really make a change to our society, we need people to be always-on changemakers. The simplest way to do this was with a subscription product. This allowed donors to join the journey of the people they give to over a longer period of time, having a longer-term impact.

The idea of the transformation was to bring the latest innovations in product design and technology to all our donors.  We have used the very best design patterns to build a simple and user-friendly platform. We spent a significant amount of time incorporating and building data analytics along with a robust experimentation and personalization framework into our product. It was critical for us to build features that offer a great user experience. Each and every element on the website is thoroughly tested for user-friendliness.

We have focused on Donor Delight as the key paradigm for our new user experience. We now have a robust search and discovery that allows every user to find the right donation option he/she are looking for. At each stage of interaction, we have a donor-first approach to ensure ease of transaction and transparency. Our new Help Center is built to address all key queries faced by our donors in one place. The platform now offers chat support to resolve any user query instantly.

Further technological advances in the payments space has also made it possible to signup for a recurring payment on one’s credit/debit card without going through the cumbersome paperwork of the past! 

Program page for Manavlok with 100 supporters now

The benefits to our partner non-profits were clear, monthly giving provides them with a steady stream of funds. One such success story is Manavlok, a non-profit in Maharashtra providing daily meals to the elderly. Through monthly giving, about 100 donors have sponsored over 200 elders. The program is well-funded and monthly giving is providing a steady stream of funds to Manavlok. This is only one of many success stories for nonprofits across the country.

The product tested over the last 8 months has shown positive results for all our stakeholders. With over 800 donors and over 4cr. worth of Lifetime Donation Value, the monthly product has evolved as the default giving product choice at GiveIndia.

Engineering Hustle


With just a team of 7 committed engineers, we gave ourselves 6 weeks to work on all the changes necessary to make this transition smooth and easy for our donors. Though the task was daunting and time was short, it feels great to have accomplished this in these last 6 weeks.

We continue to support our one-time giving platform in a new subdomain at All the Non-profits on GiveIndia will be supported on our new platform and the existing one-time giving platform. We are also working to build a new enhanced product for our Workplace Giving donors. This product will focus on meaningful engagement with our corporate partners and individual donors. Meanwhile, we will continue to support all our workplace giving donors at

We are extremely delighted to present a new paradigm in the field of giving. It is the continued feedback from our donors and nonprofit partners that has enabled us to embark upon this journey of product and tech innovation. We hope to build upon this relationship and strengthen it even further.

We know there will be a few small kinks as we work our way through this change, and we request your patience and your feedback to help make this better as soon as we can.

Here’s to making India a Giving nation and the dedicated team of Give behind it!

Co-authored by Lakshman Pasala, Senior Technology Manager at GiveIndia

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