Campaigns and Initiatives

Let’s #RebuildKerala Together

In August 2018, heavy rains and subsequent flooding in Kerala wreaked havoc across the state. The floods led to over 350 deaths, affected a population of over 50 lakh people, and over 2 lakh people have been evacuated (as per recent reports). The floods led to immense devastation, and there is a long way for…

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World of Giving

Why You Should Make Giving a Habit

Think about some of your greatest accomplishments. Getting your dream job. Feeling healthy and fit after a period of committed workouts. Being able to afford that trip you have always wanted to take. What’s something they all have in common? They take time to accomplish. And usually involve a great deal of effort. That’s the…

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Stories of hope

Will You Feed Their Hunger For Life?

Let’s #throwback for a quick minute to when you were 10 years old. If you had to think of your most pressing concern at the time, it probably revolved around the unjust equilibrium of your study/play time. That is a valid concern to have, no doubt. Many 10-year-olds have it. But there are children around…

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GiveIndia Announcements

LetzChange merges with GiveIndia to boost crowdfunding for charities

100 deserving underprivileged kids will go to college this year, thanks to 1845 supporters from across the globe, who donated more than Rs. 69 lakhs in total to provide them scholarships. This was made possible by a campaign, “I Am The Change”, that was run by Team Everest, a Chennai based charity, using LetzChange’s crowdfunding platform. Over 300 such nonprofits…

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