Sorry, but I just couldn’t hear you!

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The overcrowded roads of a fast tracked Indian city present a sight that most of us are used to. It was just another run of the mill day as I walked past a wave of people crossing roads after work. I saw a lot of cars queued up on the other side but my side of the road seemed empty; pretty amazing considering it was peak traffic hour. All of a sudden, I got hit by a firm fist, “Ouch, I cried”. I fell on my back looking at a face filled with anger and animosity. His lips swaggered as if he was just venting out all his frustration for causing him undue harm.

By the time I got up, I realized that I accidentally had moved to the center of the narrow road in my attempt to avoid the large number of people crossing the road. I was the reason the road was empty; there must have been people honking. The only thing I said is, “Sorry, but I just couldn’t hear you!” The man probably retaliated, “Are you deaf?” “Yes”, I said and both of us walked away. As he drove passed me, I could see his eyes filled with apology while most other drivers had some gestures for me. By now, I was pretty used to this kind of treatment, but every time this happens, it definitely hurts.

Hope is something I live-by, I hope to hear the humming of the birds, the hearty laugh of a baby, a lullaby from a mother and other beautiful sounds that I have only read about. With what I read about, there are inventions and operations that can possibly help me; however there seems to be a financial obligation that I am not yet ready for. As these thoughts pass my mind, I get tangled with a small boy.

The boy crying profusely, held on to my leg. I tried to look around but no one seemed to be bothered. In this world full of normal people, how could people not hear a child crying, I couldn’t but how could others not? I picked him and tried to console him in my own way. I tried finding someone who might have identified the child but without success. Just a few minutes later, I could see the crowd staring at me as I walked with the child in my hands. A couple of guys blocked my way and I was wondering, why?

Turning around I could see a lady rushing towards me waving her hands and shouting “Something…my child” (this is only what I could get from my lip reading skills). I walked towards her and handed her the child. She probably thanked me but I might be wrong because whatever she said, her face did not reveal any expression. Then she made some gestures that suggested, “why” or “what” but I helplessly said, “He’s fine, I found him near the store, crying. I tried finding someone who knew him but just did not.” She probably questioned me why I did not stop as she was shouting, I helplessly said, “Sorry, I just could not hear”. I just turned around and started walking as the gathered crowd got back to its routine, nodding heads and waving hands as they spoke to each other. I must have been the topic for sure but that didn’t matter as I continued walking towards home. Thinking of the day gone by, it made me realize even more about the things I lacked. I do not possess one of the senses most other people have but that does not stop me from believing. I do believe things will change; I will hear some day. Life is unexpected but not cruel. It hurts when I realize that I was born disabled, however it would hurt even more if I made myself un-able.

A little help could do all the wonders, a warm smile in the morning, a gesture of take care or a pat on the back in appreciation of what I do, keep me motivated. I end my day with a prayer, “God, send an angel, not for me alone but for all who cannot hear. We all want to hear the sounds of your creation. If this is too much to ask for, please make sure people have the strength like me to live with hope.”

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