Giving Matters at Religare

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One of India’s leading financial service group, Religare provides a suite of financial services in Indian and international markets. This month we find out how the organisation excels in engaging its employees through the various CSR initiatives.

As we interact with Mr. Kamlesh Dangi, Group Chief People Officer, Religare we learn about the platforms to promote giving culture, challenges faced and the future of giving at his organisation.

GiveIndia:  What is your role and for how long have you been with Religare?
Mr. Dangi: I lead Human resources function at Religare. I have been part of Religare Team for last 5 years.

GiveIndia: What is the idea of giving at Religare and what platforms have you adopted to ensure Giving culture at your organisation?
Mr. Dangi: At Religare, we offer a wide array of services including broking, insurance, asset management, lending solutions, investment banking and wealth management through network of over 2,200 business centres across 600 plus locations and our idea is to grow with the society and ensure financial inclusion. Our businesses seek to fulfill the needs across savings & investment, health & life protection & business growth through our wide array of products and services.

We are associated with the save LIFE Foundation that focuses on the bystander care for road accident victims in India. Our support has enabled them to prepare training material for distribution and enhancement of their primary research capabilities. We have also sponsored Family homes for orphaned children at SOS Children’s Village. 

We needed a platform which is flexible, transparent and give a choice to our employees to make contribution to the areas of their choice. The Payroll giving program through GiveIndia is a credible platform and provides choice to employees to direct their contribution to desired areas or NGOs. We adopted this platform in 2009 and continue to be committed to it.

GiveIndia:  Speaking of Payroll Giving, 550+ employees from Religare have chosen to contribute towards the programme. Do you think Payroll Giving adds a new dimension to the host of socially engaging activities? If so, how is Payroll Giving working out for your employees?
Mr. Dangi: Payroll Giving provides us an employee friendly, trustworthy and transparent platform through which any employee can contribute and make a difference as per their choice. This helps in a great way for people who want to contribute but do not have enough time or are unsure about credibility of various other channels. This channel works best as each employee have the sense of ownership and pride for the contribution that they have made and they get the feedback on how their money has been utilised. 

GiveIndia:  Given that employees in the financial space are on their toes with challenges every day, how easy or difficult does it become for you to get employees’ attention and interest towards CSR activities?
Mr. Dangi: We as an organisation are very flexible and respect the choice that employee may want to make with respect to the voluntary contribution that he/she is making. I believe there are many of us who are interested in contribution for the betterment of the society but it is possible to do the same thing through different means and platforms. As an organisation we want to give a choice which is credible, flexible & convenient for them to contribute. Every business unit has the flexibility to choose and decide what activity and in what scope it wants to contribute.

GiveIndia:  Last but not the least, what is the future of Giving at Religare?
Mr. Dangi: We will continue to be flexible and respect the choice of each employee and support payroll giving program. We would want each employee to contribute in his own way back to society as much as he can afford. We hope the culture of giving back to society will further extend from current state of employees giving funds to employee giving their own time and efforts towards a worthy social cause.

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