Payroll Giving reaches Hyderabad !

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Since the year 2004, Payroll Giving has actively engaged over 40,000 employees from 100+ companies from across the country. Having attained such growth, our intent has been to get more companies on board, get more employees to give, and increase our outreach by placing teams in greater number of cities !

Varsha, with the HR team during a relaunch activity at TCS
It gives us immense pleasure to share with you that with a new team in place, our outreach has now extended to the city of Hyderabad ! With teams already based out of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai, we are very excited to introduce payroll giving to Hyderabad based corporate and sincerely hope that the city attains a similar giving quotient as the rest of the four metros.
To give you a slight update from our Hyderabad teams’ spokesperson – Varsha – at least 50 companies that signed up for Payroll Giving have offices in Hyderabad, and most of these companies have been very welcoming of our sign up drives to help get more employees registered in the programme. Special thanks to Vodafone, Idea Cellular , HDFC Std Life , Zee Network, ICICI Bank, Genpact and TCS for spending time with our teams, extending permissions to conduct relaunches and passionately helping them sign up more employees  not only in main offices but also at the branch offices.
Employees at these offices had heard about Payroll Giving from colleagues at other locations and have been extremely delighted to join the programme. A few testimonials from the HR team at TCS sum up this experience. 
Sangeetha Verma

"We are very happy to be part of the Give India Initiative. We have coordinated this for all locations at TCS Hyderabad. The GiveIndia team helped us in getting across to all the associates in each of the locations in Hyderabad. The team also supported us by adhering to the schedule and helped us resolve the queries of the associates. Associates also responded enthusiastically to the monthly giving program and we hope to continue the same."

 - Sangeetha Verma, Human Resources, TCS Maitree Coordinator

Rohan Chhetri
"Give India is not only a platform to bridge up the gap of money and help, rather it has made us feel to be responsible and inclined towards our society for a better tomorrow for all. As the coordinator for coordinating sessions and motivating GiveIndia campaigns, I feel that this a very good event running through out the year and ensures that every individual of the nation contributes their helping hands. The variety of choice is what invokes me more, as employees get something to do as an individual or as a team. Associates  joining in our organization, are very eager to take initiatives for various Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, and we are happy to have GiveIndia with us. Although its a tough task to get sign ups for the campaign, but every one pledges for their contribution in his/her own way. 
It's true fact, GiveIndia IS the power to change lives. "
                                                        Rohan Chhetri, Tata Consultancy Services, ILP Coordinator

Join us wishing our Hyderabad Payroll Giving team, all the very best J

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