The Silent National Anthem



I went to a BIG Cinemas to watch a movie this evening. As most of you know, any movie in Maharashtra requires that the national anthem be played before it. I was absolutely floored by what I saw today!

Normally everyone sits down by the time the last line fades away. However today not a single soul in the theatre sat down till well past the last note of the music! Do see it. Its absolutely fabulous!

Conceptualized by Mudra and directed by Amit Sharma this was released today on the occasion of Republic Day. On the first day of the release, this video has already received more than 125,000 views on Youtube and more than 1000 ratings & comments on the video. Congratulations Reliance Mediaworks, BIG Cinemas, Mudra and especially Amit Sharma who have all come together to shoot one of the most evocative renderings of our national anthem.

- Dhaval Udani

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