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CEO of the Resource Alliance, Simon Collings recently gave an interview about NGOs and transparency. Read these excerpts:

Why is it important for NGOs to have accountability and transparency?

It's important for two reasons. First, an NGO looking for financial support is not going to succeed unless it shows evidence of the impact of its work. It has to explain use of funds to donors and funding agencies. A growing trend is that funding agencies are putting increasing pressure on NGOs to make their financial transactions and governance transparent
. Second, NGOs exist because they address social problems and work for under-privileged groups. It's important to be accountable to those people too, who are the beneficiaries and will be the ultimate judge.

Why do you encourage NGOs to look for aid from local donors?

Foreign development funding is on the decline. The major focus of the G8 countries is Africa, not countries like India where there are laws and strategic governance in place. Also, if civil society is to become a major force in solving local problems, then local funding has to happen. It strengthens accountability, reduces corruption and increases impact of the development work. Many donors are not confident how their money is used, so here transparency helps gain public support.

You can read the whole interview on the Times of India site, where it first appeared on April 25, 2008.

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